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Family biking together in country field while on vacation.Marylee Pangman

Are Vacations Part of Your Business Culture?

Are Vacations Part of Your Business Culture?  Set a positive example for your employees and your business community by taking time off from your business.   Too many entrepreneurs say they can never take a vacation. There are many excuses, but are they reasons? Taking time off is not only good for business, it does […]
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Woman leaping across a canyon - with focus

Don’t Just Say It, Get To It!

How often have you started a great idea and then it goes by the wayside? Maybe it’s your next diet plan or a way to grow your business. You just don’t get to it. My fallen to the wayside list has been pretty static for years. Eating better, exercise, and creative activities. Of course, there […]
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A beautiful sunrise peaking through the low hanging clouds

What’s New in Your Business?

We’re coming towards the end of another quarter. Are you ready for it? Have you accomplished everything you wanted to do? I am writing this as we have hit Labor Day – well, at least in the U.S. and Canada. But you can apply this tip to any time of the year. It might be […]
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Starfish on a Beach - where is your focus?

Go All In

Recently I was talking with my friend and colleague, Rebecca Livermore, Professional Content Creation. Rebecca’s passion is to assist business owners create quality content and to help bloggers and writers be successful in a full-time writing career.   Rebecca excels in managing her time, publishing quarterly courses and books. She recognizes and encourages her followers […]
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Horse silhouette leaping over a canyon must be focused to assure a safe landing

Do You Chart Business Growth?

Three weeks ago, I sent a survey to my Potted Desert followers (a side hustle hobby.) I discovered that they want more from me saying they would buy anything I put out. How could I ignore that?!  What kind of growth opportunity have I been neglecting?  Immediately, almost without thought, I shifted gears to look […]
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From Business to Hobby and Back

Got a Minute? Tips for Busy Business Owners I sold my container gardening business and created The Potted Desert as an educational forum and community for desert dwellers who garden in containers. It was a hobby. However, I thought it likely that some of my 3,900+ followers might own their own business. So I created […]
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Figure climbing through an open grid structure

Increase Client Value One Sale at a Time

Client Lifetime Value or CLV can make or break your business. CLV  represents the total amount of money on average a customer spends in your business during their entire relationship with you. A low CLV translates into more time spent finding new clients increasing your acquisition costs. To secure the highest CLV, look at your […]
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Is Your Email List a Key Marketing Strategy?

  Is email marketing a significant part of your business growth strategy?   If not, it should be. I don’t care what kind of business you own in. If you have customers or clients, you should have an email list within an automated system. Startups established businesses and side hustles all need an email list […]
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Don't Quit Your Day Drean

Don’t Quit After One Day

It happens. You start a writing plan or a new diet or an exercise plan. Or, a plan to build your business. And… On Day 1️⃣, your Plan unravels and you end up not even taking the first step. You were so excited. You knew exactly what you were going to do. And you only […]
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Mature woman smiling while running her business

#1 Method to Work On Your Business

Do you struggle with making time to work ON your business? As entrepreneurs, we wear so many hats; there are always too many tasks required of us to keep the business afloat. In my first years as a solopreneur, I did everything. From sales to marketing to delivering my service, to admin and bookkeeping. Did […]
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