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Marylee Pangman
Strategic 'One Step at a Time' Business Coach

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The Dawning of the Age of Retirement

Travel with me to grow your business beyond today to a prosperous semiretired lifestyle

Do You Wish You Had Someone to Talk to?

Let me be that person – for today at least.

In this FREE conversation, I will listen without judgement and give you
my unbiased viewpoint about your business potential.

You will leave with a sense of calm in your next step for your business.

I promise

Helping women plan the next stage of their business so
they can move into a retirement lifestyle on their terms


  • Janice Hurlburt

    Janice Hurlburt

    Marylee has a unique genius as an accountability and business coach. She is my “Ocean Whisperer” and has the gift to see and hear you as an outsider looking in and finding the hidden treasures that were buried in your soul.  I get the sense she sees the big picture of where you're going before you do!

    Marylee is very clear in setting weekly actionable goals that provide a wonderful sense of progress and accomplishment! I love seeing results in my business that have held me back these past 6 months. I would highly recommend hiring Marylee Pangman to be your “Ocean Whisperer” and accountability business coach.

  • Sue Pars, Semiretired Designer

    Sue Pars, Semiretired Designer

    Ahead of schedule with Marylee's sage coaching

    Marylee helped me take an idea, a passion, and turn it into a business that reached my first financial goal 3 months ahead of schedule. She is helping me face my fears, weaknesses, roadblocks and self-imposed obstacles with an "eat the frog" mentality that is turning them into strengths. Without Marylee as a supporting and interactive part of my business idea and passion it would still be that - an idle idea and unfulfilled passion.

    -Sue Pars, Semiretired Designer

  • Laurel Islas, Proventures Marketing

    Laurel Islas, Proventures Marketing

    It no longer worries me that I don't have everything done I need to be successful tomorrow because with her, I'm getting what I need to build towards that success.

    A clear plan that lays out what to do now, what will be done next and what is to be achieved. Knowing that a simple connected conversation with Marylee who brings a focused agenda is coming up and knowing that I can reach out with I concerns to get your feedback when I need it - all of it keeps things moving. And more than anything it thankfully keeps things simple.

    -Laurel Islas, Proventures Marketing

  • Sheri Stapeton-Hewitt, MasC, MMP, MAT Performance Sports Therapy

    Sheri Stapeton-Hewitt, MasC, MMP, MAT Performance Sports Therapy

    With my husband's and my busy schedules, we didn't think we had time to be medical professionals AND managers to our employees. Marylee helped direct us into being effective with our employees and receiving good responses from them, rather than them challenging us.

    Our employees have grown to respect us more as we have shown them that we are confident, effective managers, business owners and medical professionals.

    -Sheri Stapeton-Hewitt, MasC, MMP, MAT Performance Sports Therapy