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Are you frustrated by

  • Inconsistent sales income?

  • Always searching for new clients?

  • Feeling your business is ready to blast off but you’re just not getting there?

Do you hope someday to

  • Scale your business for added profits?

  • Reduce your business into a semi-retired lifestyle?

  • Finally 'make it' in your business?

Increase your Sales by 10%

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As a Strategic “Keep It Simple in Semi-Retirement" Business Coach, I help you sort out the puzzle of business ownership and customize your business model to one that leverages your passion and expertise into a higher earning potential preparing you for a semiretired lifestyle.

Why Listen to me?

I am Marylee Pangman, a recognized entrepreneur who has walked in your shoes.

I built my first business from a seed of an idea into an award-winning company. With a half-million dollars in annual sales, I positioned my company to sell to my first choice buyer 15 years later! I have now moved into running my business on a part time basis while enjoying life on a tropical island paradise.
I will help you, as a 50+ entrepreneur, grow your business into one that will be successful working just 12 hours a week.


What clients are saying after working with Marylee

Ahead of schedule with Marylee's sage coaching

Marylee helped me take an idea, a passion, and turn it into a business that reached my first financial goal 3 months ahead of schedule. She is helping me face my fears, weaknesses, roadblocks and self-imposed obstacles with an "eat the frog" mentality that is turning them into strengths. Without Marylee as a supporting and interactive part of my business idea and passion it would still be that - an idle idea and unfulfilled passion.

-Sue Pars, Semiretired Designer

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