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Are you frustrated by

  • Inconsistent sales income?

  • Always searching for new clients?

  • Feeling your business is ready to blast off but you’re just not getting there?

Do you hope someday to

  • Scale your business for added profits?

  • Reduce your business into a semi-retired lifestyle?

  • Finally 'make it' in your business?

Increase your Sales by 10%

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  • Number of Sales per Client Intensifies

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As a Strategic “Keep It Simple in Semi-Retirement" Business Coach, I help you sort out the puzzle of business ownership and customize your business model to one that leverages your passion and expertise into a higher earning potential preparing you for a semiretired lifestyle.

Why Listen to me?

I am Marylee Pangman, a recognized entrepreneur who has walked in your shoes.

I built my first business from a seed of an idea into an award-winning company. With a half-million dollars in annual sales, I positioned my company to sell to my first choice buyer 15 years later! I have now moved into running my business on a part time basis while enjoying life on a tropical island paradise.

I want women to not have to work so hard in their business.  I believe midlife businesswomen will succeed in creating a business that supports the lifestyle of their choosing.

If you feel that you will never be able to retire, I can help you develop a consistent system of focus and follow through, finally surpassing that magical tipping point.


What clients are saying after working with Marylee

Ahead of schedule with Marylee's sage coaching

Marylee helped me take an idea, a passion, and turn it into a business that reached my first financial goal 3 months ahead of schedule. She is helping me face my fears, weaknesses, roadblocks and self-imposed obstacles with an "eat the frog" mentality that is turning them into strengths. Without Marylee as a supporting and interactive part of my business idea and passion it would still be that - an idle idea and unfulfilled passion.

-Sue Pars, Semiretired Designer

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