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I truly want to help you Scale Up your sales so that you have choices in how your business grows.

I scaled and systemized my previous business to prepare it to sell and did so two years ahead of schedule, after reaching a half million dollars in sales.

This short roadmap represents just one of my processes that any business can adopt immediately. I guide you through a Fast Start Task that will generate sales the first week. Then you can begin your new business culture with, Unfaltering Follow-Through.

Not only will this simple system keep your clients coming back, but they will begin talking about you and your products and services to their family friends and colleagues.

Coach Marylee


Every business is different. And each business owner has a unique situation.
If you are contemplating how you might take your business into semi-retirement, schedule a Free Give Me A Break consultation with me. You might be saying,

“I’m too young to think about this” or
“l’ll never have enough money to retire.”

Never say never!

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About Marylee Pangman

I am Marylee Pangman, Business and Accountability Coach. A recognized entrepreneur who has walked in your shoes. I guarantee you will reach your business goals faster than you think through strategic step by step coaching.

Why Listen to me? I have worn all the hats you wear as a small business owner. I built my first business from a seed of an idea into an award-winning company. With a half-million dollars in annual sales, I positioned my company to sell to my first choice buyer 15 years later, two years ahead of schedule.

I see the big picture but easily filter all that goes on in an entrepreneur's head and organize it into a manageable work plan.

More recently, I transformed my business in semi-retirement, living on Kauai. Otherwise, I divide my time between business, playing competitive badminton and enjoying island life