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Pebbles in the water

Don’t Toss All Your Pebbles at Once

I’m sure you’ve heard the analogy of the ripple effect in building your business. Using the ripple effect is a simple way to find new clients. You cast a pebble into a lake and it creates a ripple of small waves moving out from where the tiny stone contacted the water. Each pebble represents a […]
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Offering Clients a bouguet of beautiful purple flowers will add to your relationship

Be Attentive to Clients – and Grow Your Business

Your current clients will respond well to the personal touches you give them. Do you have a system of how to reach out to them? Business owners often spend a tremendous amount of time trying to bring in new clients that we forget about adding value or attention to our existing clients. While I have […]
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Build Your Business towards Semi-Retirement

Working women with 30+ years under your belt, are you thinking about your ‘what’s next?’ We need to be talking about our options and what we want to do after we have put 25, 35 or even 45 years into our ‘work.’ >>Warning!<< This is a long post with a well-deserved reward at the end. […]
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My Most Effective Business Tool – A Journal

Not an app or a device. The best tool is my journal. For me, every morning at sunrise. I always thought it would be smart to write a journal. Can you imagine how it would feel now to have maintained a journal all these years? I started many times. Key word – Started. Through the […]
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10 Lessons From an 18 Week Business Nomad

A Shift in Business from Home to Life as a Nomad It’s been a long road back to normalcy. A self-evacuation from Kauai gave us some degree of control over our lives after devastating floods and 15 horrific landslides closed our only road. Continued road closures and travel in or out, dictated by a convoy […]
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Old Typeset Letters A through D for ranking clients

How to Fire Clients From Facts, Not Feelings

We all have them. Clients we hate taking calls from. Why do we avoid some clients? Is it their manner? They take to long to do, decide, or pay? Their purchases are too small and they aren’t likely to increase their budget with us? How do we decide what to do with them? We hate […]
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Semi-Retired Lifestyle A Choice; Man On Seaside Rock with Arm Raised in Celebration

Semiretired Lifestyle – A Choice

Anticipation. Will the day let me down? Is that part of my semiretired lifestyle story? There wasn’t a predawn. Maybe sunrise will be better as there is a nice layer of clouds. Anticipation. Will sunrise let me down today? There have been so many great ones… Wait! As I write this, the northern sky is […]
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Kitten climbing a tree as part of his morning routine

How to Fuel Your Fire 🔥

Morning routines including coffee, exercise, writing, reading… we’ve experimented and learned about the importance of a morning routine. Have you committed to one? My morning routine has evolved over the past few years. It has needed to be flexible as I travel, living a semi-retired nomad style in different time zones with various schedules of […]
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How to Gather Followers for your Business

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to gather followers as quickly as we can gather wildlife? Recently I had a fantastic day starting with an energetic group coaching session followed by snorkeling around the reefs at Tunnels beach on our north shore. Later we watched a movie and finished the day with PuPu’s (appetizers) […]
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Torn Between 2 Lovers — How to Operate a Business + a Side Hustle

How can anyone have two lovers? I know I could never juggle two involved relationships. So what makes us think we can run two businesses at the same time? A business and a side hustle. Running two businesses can be trouble. Neither gets your attention 💯 % If they are different target markets, the chance […]
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  • Josephine Power-AnastasiouJosephine Power-AnastasiouConnecting with Confidence; Navigating your way to lasting friendships & relationships

    The moment Marylee spoke to us on our first group coaching call, I immediately felt that here is a woman who knows where I’m coming from. Your sincerity came across in your voice and body language. You gave me the courage to believe that I could succeed in developing a program which would incorporate not just my training & experience but my personality too. You made each of us feel unique and strong and I knew you had our backs in case we started to falter in any way.

    If you are even thinking about working with a business coach, I’d say ‘Go for it!’

    You’ll definitely achieve something you really didn’t imagine could be possible. You’ll have a fantastic, caring and truly inspiring coach to work with to help you achieve your goal and more. You’ll have a coach who shows great empathy and will guide you through the rough patches. Who will celebrate with you when you start to shine and acknowledge all the hard work you’ve put in. Who will be there for you when things get tough and pull you through.

  • Coach Marylee was part of my life at a pivotal moment of transitioning from 1:1 therapy to group coaching.

    I was stuck in the “land of information overload,” trying to figure out how to complete and implement the four paid online marketing courses that promised to help me get my coaching business on the right track to thriving. With Marylee’s services came prompt access to a kind, generous and skilled coach who will empower you to do your best work!

    Marylee will work with you to find resolutions for whatever you're struggling with.  Her calm demeanor is refreshingly supportive when you feel frazzled and uncertain about what steps to take next.  For example, she quickly identified that my tendency to rely on logic was holding me back in my decision making processes. She gently suggested to “listen to my gut” which made all the difference in helping me get unstuck!

    One more thing - she’s just plain fun to work with!

  • Joan Brooks, CRSJoan Brooks, CRSSexual trauma. Healed.

    Love Marylee's very practical feet-to-the-ground approach

    Marylee’s no-nonsense and task-oriented approach helped me take my new high-impact, therapeutic programs to the right audience and successfully enroll them. I absolutely recommend Marylee and her coaching services to entrepreneurs who are working on a project - such as creating programs or launching an online program. Marylee will help you stay focused and on the right track in order to reach your desired goals.

  • Janice HurlburtJanice HurlburtOnline Visibility Pro

    Marylee has a unique genius as an accountability and business coach. She is my “Ocean Whisperer” and has the gift to see and hear you as an outsider looking in and finding the hidden treasures that were buried in your soul.  I get the sense she sees the big picture of where you're going before you do!

    Marylee is very clear in setting weekly actionable goals that provide a wonderful sense of progress and accomplishment! I love seeing results in my business that have held me back these past 6 months. I would highly recommend hiring Marylee Pangman to be your “Ocean Whisperer” and accountability business coach.

  • Sue Pars, Semiretired DesignerSue Pars, Semiretired DesignerAhead of schedule with Marylee's sage coaching

    Marylee helped me take an idea, a passion, and turn it into a business that reached my first financial goal 3 months ahead of schedule. She is helping me face my fears, weaknesses, roadblocks and self-imposed obstacles with an "eat the frog" mentality that is turning them into strengths. Without Marylee as a supporting and interactive part of my business idea and passion it would still be that - an idle idea and unfulfilled passion.

    -Sue Pars, Semiretired Designer

  • It no longer worries me that I don't have everything done I need to be successful tomorrow because with her, I'm getting what I need to build towards that success.

    A clear plan that lays out what to do now, what will be done next and what is to be achieved. Knowing that a simple connected conversation with Marylee who brings a focused agenda is coming up and knowing that I can reach out with I concerns to get your feedback when I need it - all of it keeps things moving. And more than anything it thankfully keeps things simple.

    -Laurel Islas, Proventures Marketing

  • Sheri Stapeton-Hewitt, MasC, MMP, MAT Performance Sports TherapySheri Stapeton-Hewitt, MasC, MMP, MAT Performance Sports TherapyRegained confidence to run a systemized and effective business

    With my husband's and my busy schedules, we didn't think we had time to be medical professionals AND managers to our employees. Marylee helped direct us into being effective with our employees and receiving good responses from them, rather than them challenging us.

    Our employees have grown to respect us more as we have shown them that we are confident, effective managers, business owners and medical professionals.

    -Sheri Stapeton-Hewitt, MasC, MMP, MAT Performance Sports Therapy